Fall 2015

I love football. You are probably wondering what does that have to do with STAR- it’s the cheering. I spend a fair bit of my time cheering in this job and that’s a wonderful thing.  I get to cheer on the children in our programs both in encouragement as they face a new challenges and then in delight when they accomplish their goals. I get to cheer our amazing staff and volunteers as they to face new challenges and then in delight as they see the fruit of their labor. I get to cheer on our families as they face their bumps in the road and then in gratitude as they share their beautiful marvelous children with us. How fortunate are we that we get to witness what once seemed highly unlikely become ‘been there done that’!

I am thankful for all those that cheer me on, to the board that seldom says no and believes in the impossible, to our Nantucket community and businesses who support us, and to my family who makes a way for me to do some of things that mean most to me at STAR.