14063774_1196856323688753_725077729230031564_nDear Friends and Families,

We have had a fantastic summer at Nantucket STAR. It was wonderful to be able to spend so much time in the water playing and spending time with our STAR friends. One of the privileges of being in this position for several years is the opportunity to witness the tremendous growth in our students. I had one of those “life has come full circle” moments toward the end of the summer. Nantucket STAR was able to put together a team for the Swim Across America event, comprised of students and parents.We put on our pink swim caps and swam the “kids splash” ┬áto help raise money for cancer care here on Nantucket. As I had time to reflect later that day, my heart filled with such gratitude and joy for what my friends had accomplished that morning. It wasn’t so long ago that the crowds alone would have sent several of them seeking refuge elsewhere or that they had help learning to swim in STAR’s swim program,or that they had conquered their fear of what lies on the bottom of the sea. Thank you to our families for entrusting your children to us, thank you to Swim Across America for giving us the chance to give back to our community and making a place at the table for our STAR children and most of all thank you to all the beautiful children of STAR who continually amaze us and bring such joy to our lives. We are blessed to know you!