Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Our Winter Programming 2019 has gone live so be sure to check out our website to sign up. If you are not receiving our emails/newsletters please join our email list via our website  www.nantucketstar.com

We are looking forward to getting back to programming after the holiday break and spending time with our S.T.A.R. students! The Nantucket S.T.A.R. board has just finished planning our 2019 programming along with our hopes and dreams for 2019! We will continue to plan and meet the needs of our older students while focusing on attracting the next wave of younger kiddos! As our programming continues to expand both in offerings and participants, we are planning to expand our yearly sponsorship program. Our sponsors are vital to S.T.A.R’s success! If you are interested in this vital community sponsorship, please contact Tina at tinas@nantucketsar.com and she would be happy to talk with you.