“Our camp site is Trotter’s Lane , where we go to avoid the rain. We are the mighty STAR Troopers, not big fat party poopers. We like to have lots of fun while we play out in the sun. We swim and play every single day, and we feed the Lamas hay. We are the amazing Jedi, don’t be afraid to ask us why. We love our STAR friends, and we don’t want camp to end.”       STAR Troopers Jedi 2019

This is the poem our older group , The Jedi, wrote the last day of camp in August. What an amazing week was had by all as we traipsed all over our beautiful island making memories! This would not be possible if not for the grant support of The Nantucket Fund, The Nantucket Golf Club Foundation and Dune Restaurant. Thank you to our amazing and talented staff (see pictures below). Many of these women and lone man, worked other jobs during the week only to turn around the Monday after camp to start back at school. They are the dream team! Lastly, thank you to our families for trusting us with your children. They bring us incredible joy and our lives are the better for having them as part of our STAR community!

Happy Fall!!!!

PS: It was virtually impossible to get all campers and staff to  be looking at the camera at the same time. With that said ,the camper photo captures the heart of STAR perfectly…..