Nantucket STAR Fall

Dear Supporter of Nantucket STAR, 


Nantucket STAR began in 2003 and has grown from 1 program of 6 students, to serving 50+ students and families a year. This is a benefit to our community that has also  grown up and diversified in need and challenges. Each year as we have grown, we have given back to our community, raised children and given them strength while also being supported by many donors, Sponsors and individuals.


As an active teacher of programs, I have had the honor and privilege of watching children and families grow from timid beginnings to confident participants in recreational fun with us and then on their own. The tools given by STAR leaders to parents and students are to help them become more independent and self-sufficient in participation, be it small or large group activities.


We, as a board, rose to the challenge of the health and community restrictions by thinking outside the box and creating a Covid-19 Response Plan. We knew many of our families were isolated and showing regression and sadness from lack of stimulation. After surveying staff and families, we created “STAR Adventure Pods” and began. Family responses were of thanks and gratitude for providing activities and friendships to their children. This was the greatest gift STAR leaders could receive. 


This year due to closure of CV-19, we were unable to host our annual event that sustains and provides the financial security to continue our work. We are gravely concerned that our small non-profit will become a victim of this time of many closures. Each program we provide has costs for staffing, insurance, processing, and now PPE for all. Without our event, we are seeing the impact and we may not be able to sustain our finances and need to make difficult decisions. 


Before we make those decisions, we are asking for support. This is different for us, and uncomfortable, but we are plainly just asking. 


We are a non-profit with a tax ID to help those that can give. And if you are able to give, please know, your impact will support this community in boundless ways. The mental health and physical health of our youth is critical, and we are concerned if we fade away, so will many of our families and friends that rely on STAR. 


Here is a glimpse of what this summer provided, even in a pandemic. Nantucket STAR Summer 2020 video


Please consider a donation through this link  on our web page, or mailing to Nantucket STAR, PO Box 3423, Nantucket, MA 02584


With Gratitude,


Kim Albertson