Winter 2021

Nantucket STAR 2020-2021 Winter Newsletter

Dear STAR Families and Friends,

Happy New Year to you and your family!  With 2020 behind us, we at Nantucket STAR are looking forward to the possibilities 2021 will bring.  We are grateful to all of you for being a part of and supporting Nantucket STAR, especially as it looked outside the box to provide pandemic safe programming this past year. One of the benefits of a New Year is that it allows one to think about the future while reflecting on the past and we want to share some of our thinking with you…

In the fall, we were able to continue with our  pandemic-inspired Adventure Pods, which allowed the participants to be outside and explore the beautiful scenery and nature Nantucket has to offer.  As happened this summer, students were grouped into pods and each pod visited different sites on different days.  The itinerary included a visit to the Audubon property, Linda Loring, the University of Massachusetts Field Station, and Squam Swamp.  After each visit, students did a bit of journaling to reflect on their experiences.  The success of the program was based on good weather and the assistance of families who were so supportive and helped make shifts when venue changes were required when a property was too crowded.  The safety and health of the children and staff was the highest priority and this was made possible with quick thinking and family support.  Thank you!

In addition to outdoor activities, there was also a Nantucket STAR Chopped Class offered in conjunction with Chef Greg and the Nantucket Culinary Institute.  Chef Greg and his staff put together cooking packages, which were delivered to participants with the required recipes and ingredients so they could learn to make some delicious fall treats which included Apple Hand Pies, Thanksgiving Stuffing, Nantucket Cranberry Sauce with Local Apples, and S’more Rice Krispies Roll Ups, while being instructed to do so over Zoom.  As you can see, fun was had by all!

As we continue into the pandemic for the foreseeable future, we are looking to continue with some winter and spring programming that allows for social distancing and to be outdoors or on Zoom as we did in the fall.  Some of the possibilities for winter include a Winter Virtual Cooking Class and a Virtual Art Class, to be held in January and February.  In March, we are looking to offer a “Home Skills” Thinking and Creating Class to teach some life skills at home, and another Adventure Pod series.  We will be in touch once the itinerary is in place with dates and times.


Again, we wish you the best in the New Year and look forward to “seeing” you when we do!  Thank you for your support of Nantucket STAR!  Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @starnantucket and to like us on Facebook!