“Because of Nantucket STAR, our children are able to access sports and recreational activities as a family.  The boundaries of a disability are non-existent, and in its place are only the laughter and the joy they experience.  STAR teaches children of all abilities to have empathy and compassion; and to work through the challenges together. Thank you for being a constant in our lives for the past 10 years!”  – The Cutone Family

“One of the things I enjoy about the STAR sports programs is the opportunity to talk with other parents as we watch our children from the sidelines. This past summer I was chatting away with another mom in the observation deck of the pool, when I heard a flurry of excitement from the water below. I turned to see Dine poised at the top of the little water slide – a remarkable thing for a child who is extremely cautious in the water – and I watched him slide down, as the volunteers, staff, and Dine’s peers cheered like crazy. He was the lone water slide hold-out, so it was a very exciting moment for all of us. I remember back when Dine used to hover around the edges of the pool, afraid to step in. In a couple short seasons he’s gone from ‘the side’ to ‘the slide’ and we couldn’t be more impressed!” – L. Kebatti

“I can only begin to express how important STAR has become to our family. My children have participated in many programs they would not have had access to in large group, public settings – ice skating, wind surfing, art classes, and swimming lessons, all in a safe environment with therapists and volunteer who can give them the extra attention they need.  My son on the Autism Spectrum would not have been able to take Krav Maga classes without the support of STAR to help him get going. Now he is able to participate with the regular classes for his age group, and he just earned his first belt. They say “it takes a village,” and Nantucket STAR and everyone involved in this great organization have become our village. They provide so much more for the community than just therapeutic recreation, and the special needs community on Nantucket would be lost without it.”– L. Steele, Parent

“Congrats to STAR! Thank you for welcoming Sam into your programs over the last summers. He has been so lucky to have experiences here that wouldn’t be possible at home. As a mother, there is nothing better than seeing your child happy. Sam has experienced great joy through
STAR.” – J. Amorello, Parent

“The patience and caring of the S.T.A.R. crew is the backbone of the success of these programs.  Week after week they are out there with smiles on their faces and understanding in their hearts to help surmount the impossible.  It is not always easy, but it is an inspiring, amazing experience of which I am proud to be a part.” – C. Nielsen, Staff

“STAR is the one thing in my life that I know can make a difference in not just one other person’s life, but their family and our community. Every time I step on the ice, get in a kayak, put someone on a paddle board, help hold a pad at Krav maga, I know that I am helping another person move and find happiness, no matter what their abilities are. Even for just a minute, there is that feeling of “I can do it” from all of us as we share in the success of the many programs we offer.” – K. Albertson, Board president